LIFE science innovation in region zealand


Life Science Innovation in Region Zealand

We are part of Region Zealand in Denmark

  • One of 5 Regions in Denmark
  • Total population of 821,000 citizens
  • Encompasses an area of 7,273 square kilometers
  • Comprising 17 municipalities
  • Main responsibility is health care, including 6 regional hospitals
  • Annual budget of app. DKK 18.7 billion

Region Zealand - one of the most innovative regions in Denmark in terms of Public - Private Innovation and Data - Driven Health Improvements


Addressing inequality in health through innovation and new partnerships.
FIERS and the Life Science Innovation Hub (Innohub) is a unique one of a kind set-up in Denmark. Region Zealand, Nykøbing Falster Hospital and FIERS strive to work together to improve health and well-being for all citizens in the region through health innovation.

Our ambition is to create the optimal environment for both start-ups/SMEs and collaboration with larger international life science, med-tech, medico corporations and other partners, motivate and to develop their business and create solutions for our common future health.

In Denmark and internationally, we are facing some major health challenges which forces us to think and act in new ways – this is why we at Life Science Innovation Hub work to improve and develop innovation within healthcare to ultimately serve the health care users and health care professionals.

The Innohub facilitates resources within the area of digital life science, which can be used to shorten the innovation process by connecting the innovators to the right data, to the clinical knowledge and to test centres and simulation facilities at the right time. While at the same time aiding a health care sector under increasing pressure struggling to meet the demands of today.

We Are #Changers

We are working towards changing the healthcare system through innovation & new partnerships and are inspired by the UNs Sustainable Development Goals to do so! We are proud to be a part of doing world-class work with Nykøbing Falster Hospital that is the first hospital in Denmark that actively works with SDGs.
  • SDG 3 Good Health and Well-being
  • SDG 10 Reduced Inequalities
  • SDG 17 New partnerships for the goals
In Lolland, Falster and South Zealand we are currently experiencing the beginning of “the perfect storm”. There are many with chronic diseases. There are many who have several diseases at once. There are many who are severely overweight. There are many who smoke. We could go on. At the same time, we lack nurses and doctors at the hospital. There are great distances from people’s homes to the treatment services they need.

We have to do something. Now!

Innohub Focus

Who We Are

The Innohub offers an ideal set-up for development, testing and funding of new innovative solutions within Life Science in both public and private partnerships.
The Innohub is driven by having a strong relation and collaboration set-up across SMEs, academia, public hospitals, and private incubators to make the life science innovative environment stronger, more successful, and able to attract more funding and business. We connect stakeholders across sectors and countries and help SMEs/start-ups to develop and reach their goals.

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