Good Fund Management

FIERS is a public-registered commercial fund and must therefore meet the requirements for good fund management:

Good management of commercial foundations requires that the board is appropriately composed in relation to the tasks and responsibilities the board faces.

The board should be composed in such a way that the duties can be carried out effectively in a constructive and qualified dialogue with the foundation’s management. It is essential that board members only look after the foundation’s interests and that each member always acts independently of special interests. This also applies to members appointed by external appointees.

It is recommended that the composition of the board, including diversity, is explained annually in the management report, and on the foundation’s website, if any, and that the following information is given about each of the board members:

The name and position of the person concerned,o the age and gender of the person concerned,o date of joining the board, whether re-election of the member has taken place, and expiry of the current election period,the member’s possible special skills,the person in question’s other management positions, including positions in management boards, boards of directors and supervisory boards, including management committees, in Danish and foreign foundations, companies, institutions and demanding organizational tasks,whether the person in question owns shares, options, warrants and the like in the fund’s subsidiaries and/or associated companies,which members have been appointed by authorities/grant providers etc., ando whether the member is considered independent.

Board members (2022-)

Mette-Marie Sonne Harild (Chairman)
Board work
Female, born 1958
Member of the board since: 01.09.21
Independent of the fund
Other board positions, etc.:

  • Ossiform ApS, cvr. No. 38 83 85 12
  • Occlutech Holding A/G, CH 29 03 01 36 77-7
  • Neurescue, cvr. No. 35 80 14 64
  • Q-life Holding AB, CVR no. S55 92 24 80 40

Mads Kragh (Vice chairman)

Director, Erhvervshus Sjælland
Male, born 1969
Member of the board since: 28.06.2018
Independent of the fund
Other board positions, etc.:

  • FinanceZealand A/S, cvr. No. 38 51 37 02
  • FinanceZealand ApS: cvr. No. 38 55 05 27
  • The Acceleration Fund cvr. No. 33 72 48 96
  • Bloom Institute ApS, cvr. No. 39 81 06 89

Stine Kruse (Board member)

Head of Research-based Innovation, DTU Skylab
Female, born 1973
Member of the board since: 29.09.21
Independent of the fund
Other board positions, etc.:

  • The board of EIT Health Scandinavia

Mette Olander (Board member)

Director, Roskilde Municipality
Female, born 1966
Member of the board since: 01.12.21
Independent of the fund
Other board positions, etc.:

  • Chairman of the Association of Social Directors in Region Zealand

Ricco Dyhr (Board member)

CEO, Nykøbing F. Hospital
Male, born 1972
Member of the board since: 16.12.20
Independent of the fund
Other board positions, etc.:

  • Absalon University of Applied Sciences cvr. No. 30 87 43 23