Thinking innovation in health is crucial for this region to accommodate the growing gap between socio-economic groups, which is why Nykøbing F. Hospital is collaborating with a various palate of private and public stakeholders within life science.
The Innohub is located at the hospital and run by FIERS, and FIERS is the point of contact and facilitator for private and public stakeholders interested in collaborating to create need-based (digital) health solutions and ultimately equality in health.

Interested stakeholders have the opportunity to test their products or ideas in FIERSs test facilities built to operate and look like a common hospital setting.

Nykøbing F. Hospital is currently collaborating with a number of starts-ups/SMEs to test, develop and/or validate their product.

The numbers

Nykøbing F. Hospital is part of Region Zealand, which is one of five regions in Denmark. The region covers six hospitals in total, NFS being the southernmost in Denmark. Looking at NFS in numbers it consists of 264 allocated beds, a patient intake of 150.000 patients, 27.500 patient admissions, 77.300 ambulatory care, 16.500 emergency patients, 12.00 operations, 1.000 births, 1300 employees and an annual budget on 835 DKK mil.

The challenges

The connectivity of citizens (and patients) to public services (e.g., hospitals) from rural areas are a present and serious challenge in rural regions which create inequality in service levels today.

Nykøbing F. Hospital encounters and handles some of the health challenges emerging in Region Zealand, including an increase in obesity, loneliness, poor mental well-being and in general inequality in health between different groups in society.