Living Lab Lolland-Falster

The development, research and innovation that goes into rethinking and recreating tomorrow’s healthcare system happens on Lolland-Falster.
Nykøbing Falster Hospital, FIERS and the municipalities of Guldborgsund and Lolland have a common aspiration to create the first Danish Living Lab on healthcare. Living Lab Lolland-Falster will provide medical and health technology companies, start-ups, universities, and research institutes with the possibilities to test new and innovative solutions that can help and develop our future healthcare system.
“We must bring different parties to the table to find common, new solutions. I do not think that we alone can find the way forward. Therefore, I hope that the many different actors with each of their specific background and knowledge will be apart of Living Lab Lolland-Falster.”
~ Ricco Dyhr, Director of Nykøbing Falster Hospital
The challenges we all face.
The Danish healthcare system is under pressure. The number of citizens requiring care and treatment will continue to increase while the recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals will become even more challenging. This is already the situation on Lolland-Falster and the problem is rapidly spreading to other parts of the country - and the world. Consequently, doing more of the same is not sustainable and there is a need to create alternative solutions to meet these challenges. This is where Living Lab Lolland-Falster will become a key player.
“We have to act and do something different than we have done so far to try to find the right solutions for the future.”
~ Ricco Dyhr, Director of Nykøbing Falster Hospital
Open minded and data driven innovation
Living Lab Lolland-Falster is built on the extensive population-based LOFUS study containing data from more than 19.000 citizens in the area from 2016-2020. The data is currently being used for research purposes, but the aim is to continue building on the study in a prospective and innovative way testing tomorrow’s healthcare solutions in a real-world setting. We will only be able to push the boundaries and barriers that separate us from tomorrow’s sustainable healthcare system when we meet possible solutions with an open mind and dare to challenge the well-known and the way we have always done things.
“We need a fundamental shift from treatment to prevention. We need to support the citizens earlier on to prevent them from becoming ill. We have an obligation to ensure that our citizens live better and more fulfilling lives. But it also means that we must do it with the citizens.”
~ Ricco Dyhr, Director of Nykøbing Falster Hospital

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